It is never easy to describe a life changing experience such as studying abroad in a questionnaire, however, that is what we are asking you to do. Please keep in mind the objective of this project is to help prepare students for their next adventure. We are not your parents, professors, or significant others so feel free to be as candid and specific as possible. You don’t have to answer every question but the more you tell us the better the results will be.

1Gender:  Female Male 
2Study/Intern Abroad Location:  
3Home University:  
4Abroad University/Company:  
1aDid you receive any pre-departure training (language training, cross cultural training, etc)?:  Yes No 
1bWhat were they and how helpful were they?:  
2aDid your host country require a student or visitor’s visa?:  Yes No 
2bDid you experience any difficulties acquiring this visa?:  Yes No 
3How did you search for/book your flight (ex’s student universe, sta travel, kayak, etc), and would you recommend it to fellow travelers:  
1Did you use a third party organization to coordinate your trip (Such as USAC or CIEE)?:  Yes No 
1bIf yes, which company and how was your experience with them?:  
2Did you have classes with local students?:  Yes No 
3How seriously did the students in your program treat the academic aspects of “study” abroad?:  
4Did you have any trouble being credited for your courses while studying abroad and how can other students avoid those issues?:  
5Did your program offer you any stipends or scholarship opportunities?:  Yes No 
Living Arrangements
1What were your living arrangement options and what did you choose?:  
2How did your living arrangements affect your experience and would you make the same choice again? If not, what would you change?:  
Life Aborad
1What is the best question someone from your host country asked you about the US?:  
2What is the biggest personal “deal-breaker” about your host country or city? (example: if you won’t eat pork you should definitely never study abroad in western china because there is no way to avoid it, even if you have excellent language skills):  
3What local holidays did you celebrate and how?:  
4How did you handle exercising while abroad?:  
5Were you able to obtain birth control abroad? If yes, what types and how challenging was it?:  
6How did you obtain your prescription medication while abroad? Would you use this method again?:  
7aDid you ever have to contact the police?:  Yes No 
7bDo you have any advice for dealing with local authorities?:  
8What was the biggest rip off?:  
1What was the nightlife like? Were there any local hot spots that should not be missed or some that you would recommend avoiding at all costs? Why?:  
2What was your favorite restaurant?:  
3What was your least favorite food?:  
4aDoes your former host country have a famous dish?:  Yes No 
4bWhat was it, and did you try it? (ex. escargot in Paris, or a Moroccan lamb tagine):  
Getting Around
1How reliable and easy to understand were the local forms of transportation and which forms (bus, tram, train etc) would you most recommend?:  
2Did you have any major problems with local transportation? (ex’s costs, union strikes, protests, closing times, etc):  
3Did you travel internationally to other countries while abroad and what tips/advice would you give students wishing to do the same?:  
4Did you use any subsidized or low expense local travel deals/programs in the area you studied and what was your experience with them (ex’s Ryan air and wiz air in Europe, the Eurorail, etc) :  
1aDid you attempt a long distance relationship while you were studying abroad?:  Yes No 
1bDid it work out? Why/ why not?:  
2Did you date any fellow study-abroaders?:  Yes No 
3aDid you date a local?:  Yes No 
3bWhat is your advice for engaging in romantic relationships in your host country?:  
Home Life
1What social networking medium did you utilize while abroad (msn, skype, facebook)? How did it work out for you? For your friends and family?:  
2How did you keep your family “in the loop” (phone calls, blog, emails)? Would you use this method again? :  
3What did you miss the most from the US?:  
4What would you have loved to receive in a care package?:  
5What items did you take with you that you could not have lived without and what did you forget to pack that you most missed?:  
1How did you handle your finances while in your host country (ie: American bank, local bank, travelers checks)? Did it work well for you? If you could make the decision again would you do anything different?:  
2How much money do you think you spent per week?:  
3How much money did you spend (including travel) over the course of your study abroad experience?:  
1What souvenirs do you wish you had brought home with you? :  
2What did you think was a rip off but now wish you would have indulged in?:  
3What is the best piece of advice you got before studying abroad?:  
4What information or advice do you wish you had received before going abroad?:  
5What is your take on romance and study abroad in general?:  
6What food should someone visiting your host country not miss out on?:  
7What is your advice for celebrating American holidays abroad?:  
8What are the best ways to ship things from/ to your host country?:  

In submitting this I am agreeing to allow my responses to this survey to be posted, utilized or reproduced in full with the knowledge that names and contact information will remain anonymous once submitted.


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