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Who are you guys?

Easy, we’re the Indelible Team and we run Indelible International (check out our bios and “About Indelible”). More importantly, who are you?

Why did you pick the name Indelible International?

The word “indelible” means, “making marks that cannot be removed; not able to be forgotten or removed.” When the indelible team sat down and tried to think of a single word to encapsulate their experiences abroad, nothing seemed more appropriate.

Why should I use Indelible instead of buying a guidebook?

Its not a one or the other kind of thing. If you’re comfortable using a guidebook then by all means use one! You can even check out our reviews section to find out some of our favorites

As far as we know we’re the top resource designed specifically for the study/intern/volunteer abroad community. .  Keep in mind that Indelible International was founded by study-abroaders for study-abroaders we’ve been there, we’ve done it, and we’re figuring out ways to do it again. We think that gives the information on IndelibleInternational.com an edge over the guidebooks, but we’re all about teamwork so you tell us what you like about the other resources you use and we’ll do everything we can to incorporate them into the site.

So you’re not against guidebooks, what about Study Abroad Offices?

A lot of people seem to think we’re anti campus Study Abroad Offices, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Study Abroad Offices can be great resources and have great information…in fact, every member of the Indelible Team utilized information from Study Abroad Offices at one time or another.  Let’s be honest though, there are plenty of things you need to know that isn’t available through your study abroad office. Maybe they don’t have the information; maybe you just don’t want to ask them your specific question. It’s precisely because we were students who relied on those resources that we know how stressful those situations can be and how to fill the gaps.

What kind of information will I get on your site?

The short answer is “all kinds” and the long answer is somewhat more complicated. You’ll be able to find everything you need to be successful while abroad and when you get back. This includes country specific information to help you prepare, product reviews, tips and tricks to get you through everyday life (like how to rock some killer sink laundry), important and up to date safety and security information, loads of information on keeping in contact with friends and how to deal with long distance relationships, information about how to stay “green” through your journey, fantastic information from industry leaders on how to incorporate your experience abroad into your life, resume, and career path when you get back, and of course you’ll get to participate in our annual Project. Exhausted yet, because we sure are.

Wait, run-down those sections for me one more time.

Sure thing!

  • Home

  • World

    • Region and country specific information researched, compiled, and written by us.

  • Impact

    • The impact section will deal with sustainable or “green” travel. We will offer green travel tips, reviews of “alternative” travel programs and feature articles written by professionals in this field

  • Safety

    • The safety section will contain articles dealing directly with international law and safety concerns. We will also include real time travel warning/updates.

  • Career

    • The career section of the website will be dedicated to the experience of intern abroad participants. It will include articles related to professional attire in different parts of the world, incorporating time abroad into a resume, program reviews, etc…

  • Advice

    • The advice section will contain articles coving a broad range of information including but not limited to: culture shock, packing, budgets, program choice, course registration, product reviews,  and answers to user submitted questions . Because of the variety of content the advice section will most likely be divided into multiple section with a common home page.

  • Lifestyle

    • The lifestyle section will contain a large amount of content broken up into individualized sections with a common “lifestyle” home page. Articles in this section will deal with relationships,  food, entertainment, health, and fitness among other things.

  • Return

    • The return section will deal with the process of returning home after an experience abroad.  It will have articles about reverse culture shock as well as testimonials from previous study abroad participants.

  • Project

    • This is the social entrepreneurship portion of the site. Each year we will choose a different “project” to be the focus of this section. 


Where do you get all of your country specific information?

Great question! The short answer is we get our country specific information from all over the place. Hours of research go into the initial draft of each country’s page and we are constantly revising them as we get new/ more up to date information (so check back!).  The Indelible Team searches through printed books and internet resources in addition to drawing from our own experiences and the experiences of members of the Indelible Community in order to feel confident that we’re supplying you guys with the very best. Of course nobody’s perfect (not even us) and that’s why its so vital that the Indelible Community continue to provide us with feedback and first hand accounts of what life is like in their study/intern/volunteer abroad locations.

But isn’t that a lot of work?

Yes, yes it is… but aren’t you glad that we’re doing it instead of you?

Who is this “Indelible Team” you keep talking about?

The “Indelible Team” refers to the group of people responsible for making Indelible International awesome on a daily basis. This includes our founders, contributing authors, impact partners and everyone in between.

Ok, great, but what about the “Indelible Community?”

You are the Indelible Community! Everything the Indelible Team does is with the amazing community of boundary pushing young adults who step outside of their comfort zones to study, work, and intern abroad in mind.

Is your “green commitment” just a gimmick?

Definitely Not! Here at Indelible International we have a strong commitment to doing things ethically, sustainably, and with ecological friendliness in mind. In brainstorming our journal we decided that if we were going to produce something that could not be accessed online, we were going to do it as sustainably as possible. For more information feel free to ask us.

When will I be able to buy a journal?

Very very soon. We are still working with our publishers to make sure the format is juuuust right. The best thing you can do is submit an enquiry so that we can show how serious the Indelible Community is about keeping track of their indelible experiences.

When will the full site launch?

Soon, very soon. There is nothing we want more than to launch in full, but we also want to make sure that the site is in tip-top shape first.

How do you pick products to review?

The Indelible Team offers honest and straightforward reviews of products that are useful to the Indelible Community, sometimes they are products we have used in our travels and sometimes they are products we hear about from users or the companies themselves.

Will you review our product?

If your product is a good fit for the Indelible Community then there’s a very good chance that we will. Contact us for more information about our product review policy. 

How can our company advertise with Indelible International?

Great question! Check out our advertiser page and contact us for our full advertising policy.

Your map doesn’t look like most I’ve seen. What projection are you using and why?

Well spotted! We use a “Mercator Pacific-Centered Projection” map because we like the idea of being able to display the whole map without breaking up the continents (plus its always fun to put something a little different out there, no?).

Who designed your map?

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Jordan Steinfeld, designed and created our passport-stamp map as well as all of the graphics on our site. She also contributed several photographs for use throughout the site. For more information contact her directly at Jordan@IndelibleInternational.com

I noticed that the “About Indelible” page has only women on it. Does that mean that Indelible International is only for women?

No, definitely not. The Indelible Team is working hard to make sure that our site meets the need of every member of the Indelible Community.

 A company run by women and a company geared toward women are two very different things.  We have both male and female members of the team as well as both male and female contributing authors. We also have contributors from differing ethnicities, age groups, sexual orientations, and religions.

But still, that’s a lot of girls…

Good point, but how about this, the team members on the about page have plenty of life experiences between them including: getting trapped by natural disasters, one-night stands, ill advised body modifications, incidents of border hopping, falling asleep in public places, and experimenting with hallucinogens (and that’s the short list!). If all of that isn’t enough to convince you that they can handle whatever you can dish out then maybe you should just move along now.

I still have more questions!

Awesome, send us an email and we’ll do our best to answer every question you have. 



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